Satti deserves 20th District nomination

I wholeheartedly agree with The Day's endorsement of Bill Satti for state Senate as the Democrat to represent the 20th District. I look forward to casting my vote for Bill.

I have witnessed Bill's exceptional and effective leadership as chairman of New London Democratic Town Committee. Bill is inclusive; respects everyone's opinions and builds consensus. He is always civil, composed and dignified, which I respect in a time of often cynical and mean-spirited politics.

Bill has built relationships, collaborated and earned the respect from many of our political leaders, local, state and nationally. Bill works tirelessly for them and the Democratic Party and gets the rest of us to do so.

Bill is a strong advocate for all the people of southeastern Connecticut. His understanding of our unique needs and commitment to our progress plus the relationships he has built will be what it takes to get it done in Hartford.

Now it's time for us to do the same for Bill. On Aug. 12, please join me and other Democrats to vote for Bill to be the Democratic candidate for Senate. He's earned it and deserves our support. Bill is the best person to represent our interests in Hartford.

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