Many good reasons to worry, America

Any person who watches network news clearly should realize what a joke America's immigration policy has become. The absolute lack of border control only makes the situation more worrisome. I fear that most people look at border control as nothing more than a group of Central Americans trying to find a better life. But the situation is so much broader than this.

Look at what is going on in the Balkan states, in Syria, the Mideast and Africa. They are being torn apart by religious and political fanatic thugs, or terrorists if you will. This kind of fanaticism is spreading around the world. Are we stupid enough to think it wouldn't be tried here? America is on the way to becoming this kind of country.

Are Americans willing to allow both religious and political fanaticism to be brought into this country? No longer do all foreigners come to America just for the wish of freedom, there are those who want to bring along their fanaticism. Does anyone really think that groups such as ISIS could never set foot in America, or won't eventually try? Do we honestly believe that we can just keep leaving our borders as they are and everything will be wonderful?

Yeah, and 9/11 never happened either.

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