Mystic Liberty Pole flag reward jumps to $1,500

Mystic - The reward for the return of the Liberty Pole flag that was stolen Aug. 16 is up to $1,500.

Klewin Construction of Mystic has offered a $1,000 reward for the return of the flag. Shortly after the theft, Mark Densmore, the owner of the Densmore Oil Co., offered a $500 reward for return of the flag.

Both companies have said that if the flag is not found they will donate the money to the Mystic Flag Committee to pay for 12-foot by 18-foot replacement flags.

The Aug. 15 theft of the flag was the second in three months, and fifth time overall someone has stolen the large American flag near the drawbridge.

The flag was stolen while it was still at half staff in honor of Connecticut Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Ronald Patterson Jr., 43, of Bridgeport, who was killed in a crash on I-95 on Aug. 7.

The committee is coming up with ways to prevent future thefts.


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