Jumping to conclusion that officer was at fault

My response to the Aug. 18 letter, "Targeting of young, black men must stop," is this: "Here we go again!"

People are jumping to conclusions before the facts are out. The letter writer calls Michael Brown a teenager with a bright future. Does he refer to a future of crime? Did he see the video of the young man towering over a store owner as he stole cigars? True, not a major crime, but was that the first? Would it be the last?

The fact is, Brown was a very large young man using strong-arm tactics in a very intimidating way. The autopsy shows Brown was shot from the front. Was he headed for the officer? In this country even police officers are innocent until proven guilty. Will this officer get a fair trial?

If people really want to protest in solidarity of black youth deaths, maybe they should concern themselves with Chicago, where this is a daily event, with 50 shootings the norm on any weekend.

If one wants to act "gangsta," that's the way they will be treated. As long as there are special rights for special people, there will always be racism.

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