Meet the voice of the Connecticut Tigers

Adam Zebrowski (right) is shown on the air during a Connecticut Tigers game. At left, in this Day file image, Curt Powell of the Connecticut Tigers scores on a fielder’s choice as Vermont catcher Ryan Gorton receives the throw during the 4th inning at Dodd Stadium in Norwich.

You can listen to Connecticut native Adam Zebrowski broadcast Connecticut Tigers baseball games on WICH 1310-AM and on

Zebrowski also maintains the Tigers' YouTube channel where fans can catch highlights and game recaps.

The Tigers are in their fourth season of Single-A baseball at Dodd Stadium, having moved to Norwich from Oneonta, New York. The Tigers host Lowell this afternoon at 4:05 p.m. and end the regular season, again against Lowell, at 7:05 p.m. Monday.

Sorry to have to tell you this, but an asteroid is going to wipe out all humanity next week. So, what's your last meal and who is coming to dinner?

My last meal would be a meat lover's pizza with a stuffed crust with a side of ranch! My entire family would come to dinner.

What was your favorite childhood toy or game?

My wrestling action figures.

Other than Dodd Stadium of course, what's your favorite stadium in the New York-Penn League?

Joseph L. Bruno Stadium home of the Tri-City ValleyCats in Troy, N.Y.

Time for a road trip. Pick a destination and a vehicle. Also, pick a song to play when you leave and a song to play when you arrive.

Covington, Virginia, to see my family that live there. Driving in a Mercedes Benz, I'll be listening to "Welcome Back" by Mase when I arrive.

Say you have a modern-day high school locker. Whose picture would be hanging in it?

Actress Nina Dobrev and my dog, Kensi.

What's your favorite sandwich?

Philly cheese steak.

You're locked in a museum for a night, which one would it be?

Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich.

Other than your smartphone, name an item you can't live without:

My wallet/money clip. Otherwise I am keeping everything in my pockets and the chances of losing a credit or gift card even money is greater.

Item you should live without and keep meaning to get rid of:

Magazines. I have a ton of sports magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Wrestling, ESPN the Magazine, Beckett Sports Card, etc. I have quite a few bins of magazines and all I am doing is hoarding them.

Which character from a movie do you wish would come down off the screen and live among us in the real world?


What's the best song to play air guitar to?

"Enter Sandman" by Metallica. Former Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera, who is one of my all-time favorite players, came out to this song every home game.

What's your favorite quote?

"It is what it is." I live by that quote every day.

What's your favorite candy?

Swedish Fish.

Who is on your Mount Rushmore of sports broadcasters?

Gus Johnson, Clark Kellogg, Chris Berman and Jim Ross.

What would be the best island to be stranded on?


What's the best piece of advice you've got from your parents, grandparents, or someone older than you?

My mother gave me the best advice. "Be yourself and don't allow others to make you feel like you don't belong."

Out of all the books you've ever read which one would you give a copy to all of your friends?

It depends on the book genre.

Romance: "The Lucky One"

Thriller: "Held For Ransom"

Sci-Fi: "Stefan's Diaries: Origins"

Action/Entertainment/Sports: "The Unauthorized History of DX"

A word you can never spell correctly on the first try:


Which movie, television show or theatrical production most accurately depicts life as a minor league baseball broadcaster?

"Major League III: Back to the Minors"

Which is better: Taking I-95 or the Merritt Parkway?

Merritt Parkway.

A pitcher pitching a no-hitter or batter hitting for the cycle?

I was always a hitter in the 15 years I played up to freshman year of college, so I have to be biased and say hitting for the cycle is a sweeter accomplishment.

Saturday night or Sunday morning?

Definitely Saturday night!

In a game of hide and seek, where would be the best place to hide?

I always hid behind the door in hide and seek when I was a kid.

Name the person alive today you most admire?

My mother. No one else comes close. She is welcoming and kind-hearted. Above all else she is the best person I know!

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