Jeff Bridges and the Abiders play Mohegan Sun Wolf Den

Jeff Bridges	AP PHOTO
Jeff Bridges AP PHOTO

It's interesting how fans sometimes can't disassociate actors from a seminal role.

Consider Jeff Bridges. In addition to a Best Actor Academy Award ("Crazy Heart") and five other Oscar nominations, Bridges may be best known for his role as The Dude in "The Big Lebowski." Among many other endearing idiosyncrasies, The Dude was inordinately fond of White Russian cocktails.

Flash forward to earlier this year when Bridges - who is also a musician/songwriter - brought his band The Abiders (yes, a Dude pun) to the Granada Theater in Dallas for a concert. In a prescient move by management, the venue made SIX TIMES the normal number of White Russians to appease fans of The Dude.

Well, it only adds to the fun that Bridges is a pretty damned good roots musician. His self-titled debut album was produced by T Bone Burnett in 2011 and earned a lot of critical praise. Bridges is about to release a follow up and, in preparation, he's on the road with The Abiders and will stop Friday at the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den. The show is free but you'll have to pay for your White Russians.


Jeff Bridges and The Abiders, 8 p.m. Friday, Mohegan Sun Wolf Den; free; 1-888-664-3426.


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