Conan O’Brien takes you out in new primetime TBS special

A new prime-time special on TBS takes Conan O’Brien out of the studio, into wacky and at times uncomfortable situations — and that’s just how he likes it.

New comedy wave tests limits on criticism in Cuba

Panfilo, the elderly protagonist in a weekly show on Cuban state television, has a broken water pipe in his house.

The sun sets on Stephen Colbert's sterling satire

A spin-off of “The Daily Show,” which overtly deconstructs the hypocrisy, spin and blatant inaccuracies at work in politics and the media’s coverage of it, “The Colbert Report” took on the far trickier task of satirizing same.

"Marco Polo" takes a long time to get interesting on Netflix

“Marco Polo,” the big-budget saga with occasional references to the real-life 13th-century Italian merchant who hung out with Kublai Khan, is action-packed, compelling and filled with intrigue and sex ... eventually.






Check out asteroid Hebe

Just outside the orbit of Mars, an asteroid large enough to be observed this month with binoculars or a small telescope is emerging into view.

Confessions of a memorabiliac

There are plenty of folks who aren't "hoarders" but nonetheless fiercely hold on to an item or two that might seem illogical to someone else. I call these people memorabiliacs — and, yes, I count myself a member of this august...