Lotteries for Aug. 29, 2015

SATURDAY’S NUMBERS Connecticut: Play 3 Day: 960. Play 4 Day: 2669. 5 Card Cash: QD-KH-4C-3D-8S. Play 3 Night: 381. Play 4 Night: 8943. Cash 5: 2-4-17-32-35. Rhode Island: Daily: 7037. Massachusetts: Daily:...

Lotteries for Aug. 28, 2015

FRIDAY’S NUMBERS Connecticut: Play 3 Day: 115. Play 4 Day: 7149. 5 Card Cash: QH-KS-9C-4D-7S. Play 3 Night: 320. Play 4 Night: 2266. Cash 5: 1-5-8-32-35. Classic Lotto: 4-11-15-21-25-36. Rhode Island: Daily:...




Rick's List - 'Hear no evil' edition

Observational litany from The Day's resident Odd Person

Fall migration is in high gear

Although it actually begins in July, the fall migration isn’t truly noticed until August.




Daughter deep in debt needs counseling, not more money

DEAR ABBY: Three years ago I gave my adult daughter, married with a child, more than $16,000 to help pay off her debts because she couldn’t pay her bills.

Longing for the past casts a shadow over the present

DEAR ABBY: Have you any advice for handling nostalgia? While it can be pleasant, lately I have been getting very down when I think about my past.

Girls cry foul when dad’s fiancee bad-mouths mom

DEAR ABBY: My fiancee of three years, “Ellen,” is wonderful to me and she loves my daughters dearly.

Story of daughter’s move back home is altered in the telling

DEAR ABBY: My sister-in-law quit her job and moved into my in-laws’ basement six years ago.

Wife has all the company she needs in her electronic devices

DEAR ABBY: My wife and I have been married 22 years, and we had a good marriage until recently.

Wife in loveless marriage longs for intimate romance

DEAR ABBY: The wedding night I had dreamed about forever was supposed to be the most romantic and amazing of my life with the one person I can’t live without.

Wife won’t share her workday after husband shuts her out

DEAR ABBY: I have been married for 36 years to a woman who is a pediatric physical therapist.


Your stars - Aug. 31

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Refuse to let anyone talk you into overindulging.