Ice baths and M&Ms: Secrets of the Rockettes revealed

A dress rehearsal for the

Everyone knows about the Rockettes' high kicks, but do you know how many calories each burns? Or what they snack on? Or what's the best place to be in their famous kick line? Two veterans reveal all the backstage secrets.



Time-in versus timeout: which works better for your child?

The parenting method was first coined in the late 1950s to curb disruptive behaviors, and it had its heyday recently, thanks to reality TV show "Supernanny," which implemented timeouts for most parenting problems. But with the rise of attachment...

Book tip: "The Weight of This World" by David Joy

David Joy's novel of Appalachian Noir is stunning achievement


Rick's List - Christmases with Mom Edition

By the time you read this, I'll be back from a Christmas trip to Denver to visit my sainted Mom and my noble sister, Mic. Frankly, while we hope for the best, it was probably a good idea to schedule the visit sooner rather than later. Mom's...

Breaking news: Snowflake spotted, racing for Conn.

Before we switch to reporters stationed at supermarkets, where customers have stripped the shelves bare, and at public works staging areas, where battalions of snowplow and sand truck drivers are gathering in a scene reminiscent of the D-Day...