Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream -- so THAT'S what God's Voice Sounds Like!

 As clueless as it still seems all these years later, I enrolled at Baylor University without giving much thought to the fact that it’s a Baptist college and, as such, there would be a lot of attention paid to, well,...

Sad News From Texas -- Don Townsley, RIP

Don Townsley, a tremendous musician and a truly kind and good human being, passed away earlier this week back in Texas.

Harry reminds me: James Booker was a genius who deserves an ant-free grave!

On Tuesday, I was speaking to Harry Connick, Jr., which is something I do once every 59 years – just like clockwork. For much of our conversation, we were talking about the great New Orleans pianist

On the Road to Dreams -- the Passing of Jack Bruce

I was out of town last week when the news hit that Jack Bruce had died. A few observations:

Of Taylor Swift, Big Sandwiches, Cola and Why She Should Appear on "Live Lunch Break"

Have you seen your neighbor’s face smiling out at you from a colorful poster taped to the front glass of your favorite Subway sandwich shop?

September -- the Musical Gateway to Autumn

You’ve got to be quick or September blasts by before you know it – and then one of the best months of the year is suddenly gone.

A Bad Day for the Human Mind

It’s as though the collective skull of America just cracked open and, instead of gray matter leaking out, a mass of cockroaches, centipedes and assorted vermin crawled out and are swarming the streets.

Goodbye Pretty Stranger -- Johnny Winter, RIP

One of the greatest guitarists ever is dead.

Koster's Assignment? The Set List for the Queen/Lambert Tour!

As I presciently suggested years ago – the first time I ever saw him, back in the early days of his season of American Idol –

I'll Broker No Dissent: The 6 Best Kayak Ballads! Period.

My pal and colleague Milton Moore has gone wonderfully pyrotechnic on The Day blog section lately with a series of clever and informative think/listen pieces. What's...

Is It Humanly Possible to Not Like the Beatles? (Or At Least a Few Songs?)

I can’t say I’m surprised by the variety of people from across the universe who contacted me in the wake of the The Beatles: The Night That Changed America — A Grammy Salute that aired Sunday on the 50th...

The Truth About the Air-Guitar Peppers and Super Bowl 48

It was Saturday night when the secret green cell phone rang – and only a few select folks have the number. I was asleep but bolted upright and snatched the phone. "Hello?"I recognized the voice...