Marisa Nadolny and Kathleen Edgecomb compare notes on their favorite television shows.

'Walking Dead' podcast: There goes the neighborhood

Told ya! We knew Glenn wasn't dead.

TV Takeout Podcast

'Walking Dead' podcast: There goes the neighborhood

Told ya! We knew Glenn wasn't dead.

'Walking Dead' podcast: Daryl, Sasha and Abe take a detour into Bizarro World

There is a lot less singing during our latest “TV Takeout” podcast, because we were too busy attempting to answer the many questions raised by Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead.”

‘Walking Dead’ podcast: Wake us up when Glenn comes back

It was a snoozer, wasn’t it, this latest episode of “The Walking Dead.”

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How much Morgan is too much Morgan on "The Walking Dead"?

‘Walking Dead’ podcast: Glenn’s not dead yet. (We think.)

Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead” raised one of the series’ biggest questions yet: “Is Glenn dead?” We provide...

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‘Mad Men’ podcast: The beginning of the end

“Mad Men” is a series that often reflects on endings and beginnings.

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There are many questions left to be answered on “Mad Men,” but the May 10 episode left us mostly focused on the fate of just one character: Betty Francis.

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‘Mad Men’ preview: We’re ready, we’re excited, we forgive Don

‘Mad Men’ preview: We’re ready, we’re excited, we forgive Don