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Want a verdict? Just wait until Friday

Never turn your back on a jury, especially on a Friday afternoon.

Often, imperfect justice is the best we can do

The sentence is too long. The sentence is too lenient. The settlement is excessive. The courts are a joke.

Let's walk a mile in Benita Christian's fuzzy yellow slippers

Benita Christian was the subject of a Sunday story in The Day about New London’s Thames River Apartments, otherwise known as the Crystal Avenue high-rises. She was one of 18 people who signed up to testify about her living conditions for a class-action lawsuit that was resolved...

Coming out of the dark?

Back in September, I complained in this space about a rule that prohibits the public from accessing police reports in certain court cases. I’m happy to report the topic was added to the agenda of the Connecticut Judicial Media Committee. The committee discussed the issue at its...

Small woman with a big heart keeps helping others

Liz Hall of Norwich, also known as Elizabeth Hall-Hurley, called to remind us that it’s Christmas time, and for the 26th year running she is organizing a huge party for local children in need. More than 200 kids will gather at Norwich Free Academy on Saturday the 14th to receive...

Solution to youth violence involves entire community

The dates change, but not the headlines.On Nov. 22, 1997, we interviewed community leaders after three local teens were charged in connection with two homicides within the space of one week. The headline read, "New London Killings Turn Focus to...