Court reporter Karen Florin blogs about court cases and legal matters that are in the news.

Defense lawyering can be a thankless job

Go to the mat for your client, and he thanks you with a claim of "ineffective counsel."

Birthday and anniversary marked by niece of murder victim

The niece of murder victim Noel Starback called this week to say she’ll be thinking about her uncle today.Dec. 11 would have been her uncle’s 60th birthday.

Show up for jury duty and be part of the solution

The protests cropping up all over the country as a result of grand jury decisions in Ferguson and New York City are a sign that many distrust and feel alienated by our criminal justice system.

Want a verdict? Just wait until Friday

Never turn your back on a jury, especially on a Friday afternoon.

Often, imperfect justice is the best we can do

The sentence is too long. The sentence is too lenient. The settlement is excessive. The courts are a joke.

Let's walk a mile in Benita Christian's fuzzy yellow slippers

Benita Christian was the subject of a Sunday story in The Day about New London’s Thames River Apartments, otherwise known as the Crystal Avenue high-rises. She was one of 18 people who signed up to testify about her living conditions for a class-action lawsuit that was resolved...