Simple path to legal status for millions

In fairness to those who have set down deep roots in America, I urge Congress to enact a bill updating 249’s outdated entry requirement from January 1, 1972 to January 1, 2005.

Benny's will soon only exist in our dreams

Online may be cheaper and easier, but it doesn't produce local jobs, local donations or local taxes.

DiMauro's attacks on Fitch Hall selections 'crossed the line'

This group of good, well-meaning people want to bring pride to our school. We are not controversial and do not seek confrontation.

Sept. 21, 1938: ‘Beautiful New London is no more’

Nona Murrell Kip was shocked to see New London transformed in a few short hours from a beautiful little city to 'a wreck.'

Seek and create change world desperately needs

Unless and until we act to dismantle policies that allow white supremacy to flourish, unless and until we enact policies that promote justice and equality, thoughts and prayers will be little more than hypocrisy.

Finding what works for Connecticut

It is painfully apparent that slash and burn fiscal restraint coupled with shifting the Connecticut’s financial burden to municipalities will do nothing to improve the state's situation.

'Highest priority ... American workers'

Before we ask what is fair to illegal immigrants, we must also ask what is fair to American families, students, taxpayers, and jobseekers.

'Contrary to our spirit'

Whatever concerns or complaints Americans may have about immigration in general, we shouldn’t threaten the future of this group of young people who are here through no fault of their own.

National health care rare and ineffective

Europe has many different systems for providing for health, and the single-payer approach proposed in a recent column is the worst.

Washington and Seoul must work together

Trump must be prepared for a full-fledged war if he decides on a U.S. first strike. It would be the worst possible option for South Korea.

A call to honor workers’ freedom

What we’re not OK with is the fact that while union workers have sacrificed, a bunch of CEOs and those who are already rich have seen their salaries and wealth skyrocket.

Unions becoming irrelevant in 21st century

Unions are increasingly unable to address the challenges that workers face in the 21st century.


Compromise on long-term state pension reforms

Republicans can get guarantees of future changes in pension benefits, Malloy can assure pension gets adequate funding.

Connecticut College has a working plan

Strategic plan and new curriculum aim to lower the number of bachelor of arts recipients asking, on Commencement Day, "What am I going to do with...

Trump delivers mixed message to United Nations

Trump wanted it both ways, playing the part of world leader, but also appeasing his isolationist driven core supporters. The result was an incoherent...


Columnist David Ignatius

Trump's welcome flirtation with the U.N.

Watching Trump give his biggest speech since the inaugural, I was modestly reassured to see him operating within the four walls of rationality.

Columnist Richard Cohen

What's the matter with these lawyers?

President Donald Trump isn't representing himself, but sometimes it feels like he has a bunch of Donald Trumps on retainer.

Columnist Eugene Robinson

What happened? U.S. political axis tilted.

My view is that the traditional left-to-right, progressive-to-conservative, Democratic-to-Republican political axis that we're all so familiar with...