On Cuba: 'Well done, Mr. President'

No stranger to controversy himself, Lowell P. Weicker writes that the president's Cuba policy change is the right one.

Former Gov. Weicker on Cuba: ‘Well done, Mr. President’

I have waited 35 years for an American president to have the courage to articulate a new foreign policy initiative as pertains toward Cuba.

Don't change volunteer fire service in Norwich

Don't boost tax on Norwich areas well served by volunteer departments.

Newtown failed Adam Lanza

Would Newtown tragedy had been avoided if town met Lanza's special education needs>

School funding: Still the 'haves' and 'have nots'

Easing dependence on property taxes is the key to fairly funding education in the state.

Closing Southbury is best policy option

It is time to relegate to history the days of institutional care for developmentally disabled.

Next election, come watch registrars in action

Norwich registrars defend the work that goes into an election.

Priorities of U.S. bishops and the pope align

Protecting religious freedom and helping the poor are not mutually exclusive.

Somers' attacks on Malloy have been unfair and petty

Heather Somers could not win her own town, now she blames the governor.

Somers: GOP must sell the brand

Tom Foley's running mate said he left opponent define terms of the campaign discussion.

The secret behind New London's 'Nutcracker'

Ballet company presents a holiday classic free to school groups, thanks to generous sponsors.

Focus on why candidates want to lead New London

Find political leaders who fall into the right category.


A changing 'Hallelujah' in New London

Exploring changing face of Christianity in urban setting.

Stanley Israelite accomplished much for his native city

Stanley Israelite's achievements and service to his native city too numerous to list.

Raze Noank school

Time to move on with plan to demolish school, create open space in village.


Welcoming the greatest gift for all those who would believe

Choose this Christmas to believe in the greatest gift of all.

Special treatment can harm women's careers

Giving too many maternal benefits to women can harm their career prospects and ability to lead.

Avoiding confrontation a U.S.-China priority

Both U.S. and China appear to recognize that avoiding open conflict is a mutual self-interest.