Providing young offenders hope follows pope's message

'Punishment must never exclude the dimension of hope and the goal of rehabilitation,' said Pope Francis during his congressional address.

In Conn. Senate, Republicans and Democrats often see eye to eye

Working together, your elected representatives in both parties are doing some wonderful, positive things for the people of Connecticut.

Gales Ferry plant closing shows Conn. must change

The closure represents a drop of about $200,000 in tax revenue for Ledyard. Republican state Rep. Scott calls it more evidence state must become more business friendly.

Hospitals need lawmakers to step up

Lawmakers in both parties need to stand up for health care access and quality.

An Alzheimer’s story of mystery and hope

A magical moment amidst depressing circumstances convinced retired professor that there is a plan.

State's environmental leader backs dredging plan

Dredging material is critical to keeping the Sound open for commerce and recreation. A plan to do it right is in place.

Righting a wrong before time runs out

They performed the same duties and endured the same hardships as their counterparts, but with a single exception, they served without credentials as merchant mariners.

Our moral calling to welcome Syrian refugees

We cannot ignore the need to help these desperate people.

Republicans' troubling embrace of new Know Nothings

Most of today’s complainers forget that their ancestors suffered the same prejudices endured by those now made to feel unwelcome.


Sensible prison policy

A few years ago it would have seemed impossible that a bill aimed at reducing incarceration would win bipartisan support.

Not enough hospital relief

The governor should concede more than just a few small hospitals were hurt by his unilateral budget cuts.

Secret Service boss disappoints

Were secret service agents blatantly violating privacy laws with the hopes of embarrassing a foe?


Yet another massacre, yet another charade

The gun debate goes nowhere. The media move on. Until the next incident, when the cycle begins again.

Nation of psychos may need militias

It may be time to create an auxiliary of hundreds of thousands of civilian volunteers trained in firearms use and safety.

Striving to control Pakistani nuclear arms

Curbing the danger of a nuclear Pakistan will be no easy matter.