Republican Sen. Linares decries Malloy’s spending cuts

Cuts in education, cuts to the state environmental agencies, cuts to social service agencies − indiscriminately cutting or freezing funding does not create efficiencies or deal with government waste.

Trump's attack on co-equal branch was a dangerous step

In issuing a decision, a judge owes no obligation to public opinion and their veracity should not be questioned by politicians with partisan agendas.

Mend policy divide with more understanding, less hate

Nothing in the Gospels allows us to hate the haters. In fact, they instruct us to do quite the opposite.

Keeping parents in the dark on abortions can aid child sex abusers

If Sen. Heather Somers cares about the welfare of parents and their daughters she will allow a debate on parental notification bills.

Collins' criticism of 'Pink House' misses mark

David Collins' depiction makes us wonder if he was watching the same movie. His scattershot of misinformation refers to a film that only superficially resembles the one we made.

Tribes making excellent progress on 3rd casino

MMCT has taken the time to know each of the communities it’s considering. This is the right move in that it will ensure that the relationship between casino and host community is, from the very beginning, mutually beneficial.

Teaching English to refugee children enriches her life

Newly arrived students are bravely experiencing this new world and are rapidly learning to be kids in America.

Gorsuch unlikely to stand up to Trump

Judge Gorsuch has stood up to government agencies trying to enforce regulations but it has shown a far different legal attitude when it comes to chief executives pushing conservative causes.

Good outweighs bad in amateur football

Injuries happen, but also consider the benefits of exposing children to the concepts and skills of sportsmanship and leadership with hopes that this will carry on into adult life.

Trump demeans America and our Constitution

The least that all people of good will can do is to speak out forcefully and repudiate this latest Trump outrage.

Aleppo, my father, Mohammed, and I

It will take decades to repair the urban fabric of Aleppo, Syria, and make the city livable again. In the meantime, the United States should welcome Syrian refugees.

Prevailing wage: myth vs. reality

Lowering the statutory threshold for paying the "prevailing wage" on public works projects would eliminate the kind of fair-paying, middle-class jobs that we should try to keep and grow in our state.


Another Connecticut third party passes on

Unlike the more noteworthy third party success in Connecticut, the Independence for Montville Party developed locally and not around a political...

Yale right to remove pro-slavery name

It is surprising that it took Yale so long to realize that removing the name of slavery proponent John C. Calhoun from one of its building was the...

Malloy overreaches, cuts Groton far too deep

In calling for moving some state aid from wealthier communities to struggling cities, Malloy sets a worthy goal, but his current proposal is too...


What Is President Trump most afraid of?

Trump doesn't seem to fear failure − after all, he's filed for bankruptcy four times − so much as he fears not being seen as successful.

Time for Connecticut Republicans to step up, stop whining and start dealing

Republicans now have the numbers to influence the state budget, but so far their only game plan is attacking Gov. Malloy's budget proposal.

Trump's ‘fine-tuned machine’ headed for crash

The president’s response has been to rant on Twitter and hold that campaign-style rally Saturday in Florida — all of which may boost...