More precious grows life as the years quickly pass

'The most important thing to realize ... is how lucky we are to be here in the first place.'

L+M clinicians must learn to work together

Pressures confronting medical care could widen divisions at L+M Hospital. Cooperation is the better response.

RCDA and Fort Trumbull are ready for development

RCDA wants to continue development efforts at Fort Trumbull, but mayor is making it more difficult.

'Somewhere ... the sun is shining bright'

Even in this coldest of snowy winters, love of baseball warms a UConn classrom.

Sen. Murphy's smart approach to Iranian nuclear negotiations

U.S. must be firm but cannot give Iran an excuse to walk away from talks.

Passero's ideas don't hold up to scrutiny

Union leader says Finizio's idea line up better with needs of working people.

Bad location for a worthy institution

Fort Trumbull is the far better location for National Coast Guard Museum.

Coast Guard museum will benefit region

Coast Guard National Museum would be a boon to New London and regional economy.


Cuts to elderly mustn't balance budget

Cutting a needless agency better than taking pocket money from elderly in nursing home care.

Mohegan milestone

The naming of a Mohegan tribal member to the top gaming executive position was a significant event.

Clinton emails

Why would the secretary of state think it is a good idea to use her private email to conduct her very public job?


Netanyahu clarifies Iran deal parameters

After speech by Israeli prime minister, odds for a deal with Iran are not good.

Open Internet survives weird politics

The lobbying money and muscle of Comcast, AT&T and Time Warner no doubt stoked lawmakers’ passions.

Unfair labor record tarnishes McD's arches

The many complaints McDonald's faces about its labor practices is telling.