Rebuild America’s unions to restore its middle class

In earlier decades, when wages rose in tandem with economic growth, it was largely because the labor movement was robust enough to help people get into — and stay in — the middle class.

Fears of GMOs not grounded in science

The Internet is full of false information. It is said Monsanto sues small farmers for GE crops ending up in their non-GE fields. Another myth is that organic farmers are losing their certification from GE crops “contaminating” their...

Support building project, give Stonington children schools they deserve

Voters should approve Tuesday referendum that would complete the modernization of all Stonington schools.

Access to new drugs could curb addiction

A new generation of painkiller medications that prevent a quick, intense high could reduce drug abuse.

Bradley Airport clear choice for eastern Connecticut travelers

State residents should support the state's investment in Bradly International Airport by making it their primary air travel choice.

Columnist didn't let facts get in way of Lawrence + Memorial hatchet job

In writing a commentary that would fail the test of basic journalism, Day columnist failed to talk to hospital and got his facts wrong.

Stonington-based foreign policy expert backs Iran deal

Reaching such a framework agreement was a key step towards securing our interests in the broader Middle East.

Sprecace is the one who won't own up to driving New London into debt

Former Republican councilor still can’t acknowledge his mistakes, or the fact that Mayor Finizio has turned New London’s finances around.

Finizio overlooks his role in creating past New London deficits

If Mayor Finizio had managed the budget he inherited when he became mayor the deficit would not have been so large, but fixing it would not have served his political purposes.

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital needs better management, not a bailout

Instead of being honest about their own financial mismanagement as the cause of their declining fiscal health, L+M’s administration has resorted to threatening our community.

State funding cut would devastate libraries

A small state investment allows local libraries to save millions of dollars for taxpayers and a wide range of services. Cutting that support makes no sense.

Emptying Community Investment Act Fund would devastate conservation in Connecticut

Preserving and protecting our state’s forests, meadows, brooks, and salt-marshes is critical


Court takes step to curb excessive police search powers

Recent decision still leaves in place the ability of police to search vehicles with drug-sniffing dogs without just cause in violation of...

Are Yankees yearning or dreading A-Rods achievements?

The Yankees had planned to exploit the marketing opportunities A-Rod's records would present. Now their product is contaminated.

Republican white flag suggests Obamacare here to stay

Yes, Sen. Ted Cruz and some other hard-right Republican presidential contenders will continue to run against the law, but in reality the fight...


Obama's Nixon doctrine: the anointing of Iran

The only problem with Obama’s version of the Nixon doctrine is that Iran today is not the Westernized, secular, pro-American regional power it...

Turkey’s long-ago slaughter of Armenians

Armenians, like people everywhere who have experienced great tragedies, have a part of their souls that is forever in the shadows.

Right under their noses, senators clueless how bad things are for working poor

But unbeknown to any of these bigwigs senators, Gladden is homeless. He works in the Senate cafeteria, and he has not had a fixed address for the...