Legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, says doctor

Regulating the marijuana industry will protect public health. In regulated markets, cannabis is tested for potency, checked for contaminants, clearly labeled, and sold in childproof packaging.

Consider Working Families choice in New London school board race

Since 2002, Working Families has been challenging the political status quo in Connecticut, achieving statewide victories like increasing the minimum wage and securing paid sick days for workers.

President’s ‘silent accomplices’ need to speak up

I am scared. Scared to write this, send this, post this, share this, scared to step forward. But I must.

Don't get caught napping on Seaside

Things have been seemingly quiet concerning the plans for Seaside State Park, but now comes a proposal that would mean a big change for the park and the surrounding neighborhood.

Bypass plan blocked, next stop the budget

The bypass proposal demonstrates what can happen when the people of southeastern Connecticut speak loud, speak clearly and most of all, speak out.

What a London cabbie taught me about Uber

Uber has not totally eliminated taxis. But now these are forced to upgrade their services, and the consumer benefits.

Remembering World War I aviators, including a native son

American pilots helped win the Great War 100 years ago, as aviation came of age.

Preserve our marine monument

It is our highest calling to exercise responsible stewardship over creation.

Independence Day depression about the state of our Union

Members of our critically important middle-class have been ignored and deliberately allowed to wither on the vine as if they don’t matter.

Many sacrifices made for liberty’s blessings

Our liberty largely started with wealthy white males claiming those rights and then, with commoner whites and free blacks and some courageous women, fighting with guns, guts, and French help to secure freedom from British rule.

Austerity is the wrong medicine for Connecticut

To get the Connecticut economy moving again, tax the wealthy and invest in education. The rich won't leave.


Preserving Plum Island

The island should remain in its natural state.

End mortgage deduction

The U.S. isn’t alone in allowing some kind of tax deduction for mortgage interest — many countries do, though the American version is...

Millstone should cooperate with Malloy-ordered study

The reality is that not enough legislators are buying what Dominion is selling. The review ordered by the governor could help its cause in the...


Gutsy Democrat needed to block bad labor deal

With the Senate split, it will take at least one Democrat to vote down the deal and show that the General Assembly can act as something more than a...

It’s not too early to discuss impeachment

Americans are split 42 percent-42 percent over whether President Trump should be removed from office, a new USA TODAY/iMediaEthics Poll finds.

Retirement savings? That's the important news

Many people are ill-prepared for retirement. There is a plan to fix things. Why is no one reporting about that?