Sticky fingers don't deter neighborly green thumbs

Being part of a community garden is no visit to Eden, but doing it anyway in spite of the periodic setbacks makes it all the more worthwhile.

Lighthouse’s neighbors started this fight

The neighbor to the north filed a lawsuit based on an erroneous claim, while the neighbor to the south blocked the one safe path to the lighthouse.

Malloy policy threatens our community's health

We know that if these cuts and taxes go through that we will enter dystopian times. We must consider the harsh reality of reduced access to or complete absence of vital services.

Day veteran looks back at wild, wonderful times

Back in the day at The Day, they worked hard, partied hard and put out a heck of a newspaper.

Drug price controls discourage investment, prevent cures

The high price of each successful medicine reflects the need to cover not only that drug’s high research costs, but also the expenses of all the potential medicines that failed to secure FDA approval.

Trying to shield the pain, dad prevented the healing

I did not meet my father until I was a year and a half old. When he returned from World War II to the states in late 1945.

Moral people must stand with Israel

Roger Waters appearance at an Old Lyme conference reconfirmed something most people already know: many celebrities are not very intelligent.

Rabin and optimism killed 20 years ago

Over the past 20 years, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that the goal of Rabin’s assassin — to bring the Oslo peace process to a halt — was largely achieved.


The Amistad finally steers into calmer seas

Thanks to a judge’s ruling last week, the stormy seas of mismanagement and negligent government oversight that nearly foundered the schooner...

Tips for the new municipal leaders

Some suggestions for the new mayors and first selectmen in New London, Stonington, North Stonington and Ledyard

Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't let Thanksgiving become a mere speed bump in the race to Christmas


The Syrian immigration cul-de-sac

The Syrian refugee debate has become a national embarrassment. It begins with a president, desperate to deflect attention from the collapse of his...

Three unsung heroes in the Middle East

If you're cringing at the homicidal youth gang that calls itself the Islamic State, you might consider the narratives of three young people in the...

Nation is concerned, but is our president?

On the handling of Syrian refugees, the Democratic Party is about to face a critical test that could have ramifications in many elections to come.