Recalling Syria in happier times

Tragic mistakes led to the ruin of Syira. Working with Russia, even it means Assad remains in power, offers the best chance to end the killing.

Judge tackles educational challenges that politicians avoid

How could one responsibly prescribe funding if the path to determine adequacy for receiving a high school diploma is unclear?

Magnet school legacy lives on thanks to Sheff.

Skeptics might say that the recent Superior Court decision on educational inequality will do little to improve Connecticut’s schools. Yet a similar case decided in the Connecticut Supreme Court almost exactly 20 years ago made a difference.

Ex-mayor still opposed to development group

If out-of-town editor knew New London better he would know fat-cat development agency does not and should not represent it.

More than ever, the Submarine Capital of the World

After operating the Undersea Warfighting Development Center Headquarters in its first year at the submarine base, I have come to realize the tremendous synergy of the organizations here in Connecticut and the New England corridor.

For hospice care, sooner is better

Center for Hospice Care has had so many patients and families tell us that they wish they had called us sooner – wish they’d begun care sooner.

Losing our humanity to tiny screens

Our masters are the screens we hold in our hands, which we’ve allowed to whither us like a billion privileged Gollums.

Don't let dark forces change who we are

Fifteen years after 9/11, do we allow ourselves to see a dark world defined by the lunatic acts of a tiny and twisted group of castoffs, or do we choose to make our own destiny?

A safe space for freedom of expression

We see safe spaces in the choices our students make every day. Students find many opportunities through clubs and organizations to meet those who share similar backgrounds and interests — religious, political and otherwise.

Campaign finance reform vs. reality

Polls show most people view political spending negatively, as an ill-defined corruption. Candidates notice.

Parking is part of Coast Guard Museum planning

The city is conducting an extensive study of parking and traffic patterns in the city, which will guide the plans to assure adequate parking for the museum.

Repay companies left adrift by Amistad

What is most troubling about the latest media coverage of the ship’s rebirth is that it completely ignores the economic mayhem that the Amistad left in her wake.


From yeoman to legend, Arnold Palmer changed golf

Arnold Palmer's flare and working-class roots made golf accessible to the masses and changed the appeal of the game forever.

Treat police, public equally and release arrest report

Arrest reports are public records and should be released promptly, whether or not the person arrested is a state trooper.

Deals of necessity to keep defense-industry jobs

Giving additional incentives to vastly lucrative corporations may be hard to take, but losing the jobs if they move elsewhere would be tougher to...


Will millennials ever like Hillary Clinton?

In the end most young voters will vote for Clinton, not out of love, but out of fear that Trump might win.

Getting away with economic murder

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is asking tough questions about the lack of prosecutions stemming from the 2008 economic collapse. Her timing is curious.

New Yorkers walk past bombing bluster

All the panic was on the television news channels, fanned to a great extent by Donald Trump and surrogates. New Yorkers were unphased.