Republicans ready to attack budget crisis

The GOP's fiscal framework protects funding for social safety net services for the disabled, those with mental health needs, children, the elderly and those in poverty

Somers: I’m ‘outsider’ ready to fight

Through the frenzy of proposals to suck eastern Connecticut dry the region has had remarkably little in the way of real representation.

Coming panel discussion could be lifesaver

'You can understand why I am passionate about this. BRCA testing saved my daughter’s life.'

Passero talks about his team, school funding and charter rules

There just seemed to be no point in going through some sort of a search for the chief administrative officer when I felt, personally, that I had the best person.

Murder in Norwich tied to failed deportation policies

The man who murdered Casey Chadwick should have never been among the American public. He should have been detained or back in Haiti.

Murphy wants locally grown on school plates

Farm-to-school programs are so important for our kids. They teach them about healthy eating, community engagement, and social responsibility.

The Day is wrong, nation needs Sanders’ revolution

Bernie Sanders is a principled leader who has consistently fought for the interests of working families for over 40 years.

Baltic nun united with Little Sisters' cause

This is a battle for religious freedom for everyone in the United States, not only Catholics.

Get creative to trim state spending

The obvious place to look, when it comes to balancing the state budget through common sense policy, is on the spending side.

'A history both tragic and fruitful'

What started out as a land preservation project has expanded to something much more significant.

Is Edgerton housing plan an improvement?

Our city’s at-risk families should not be uprooted for a warmed over version of the types of tenements that they themselves filed a class action lawsuit against a few years ago.

New SAT challenges students, teachers and parents

The key to good SAT scores is working with students to read complex texts, exposing them to a variety of written formats and pushing them to expand their vocabulary.


Mexican tall ship will brighten a Monday

Commanded by Capt. Pedro Mata Cervantes, the Cuauhtémoc is scheduled to arrive at 10 a.m.

Pope's example: Do unto others

By welcoming three refugee families to live and work in Vatican City, Pope Francis makes it personal and makes it a challenge.

Trump's retro 'America First' foreign policy

Trump's message may sell well politically, but it would be a dangerous approach to foreign policy.


The world according to Trump, Obama redux

Trump, like Obama, is animated by the view that we are overextended and overinvested abroad.

Puerto Rican bonds and small investors

Puerto Rico needs the relief bankruptcy would provide.Things are so bad there, thousands are fleeing to the U.S. mainland.

Stop-Trump effort rests on Indiana

Psychologically, Trump is now an overwhelming favorite. And that matters a lot. Cruz has one last chance to stop that momentum.