Respect for the Law

As a former business (law) partner of Tom Virgulto, I find myself in a unique position to comment on Tom's qualifications for probate judge...

Strong Knowledge and Understanding

As voters in Guilford, we will be going to the polls Nov. 4 to vote for several local and state offices. One of those offices which many...

Committed to Fiscal Responsibility

I endorse Bob Siegrist for state representative in the 36th District, representing Chester, Deep River, Essex, and Haddam. Bob is a...


Reducing terrorism with dose of prevention

Working to stem the development of new terrorists.

Time to admit economy is improving

Used to bad economic news, many find it difficult to accept the fact things are improving.

'Openly gay' Houston mayor violates the rights of her city's pastors

Order seeking asscess to pastor sermons violates religious and free speech rights.