Elect Beth Hogan, a proven asset

Beth Hogan is who we need to continue to work for us in Hartford. As a small businessperson herself, I know she will work together with everyone...

Pink-hat DiMauro not a true fan

Mike DiMauro, who I call captain pink hat, wrote an article, “

Why true Catholics must vote for Trump

Signs in front of Catholic churches read “Pray to End Abortion.” Even among the pitifully small minority of baptized Catholics who...


Election Day approaches, world holds its breath

Traveling on three continents over the past two months, I have heard widespread anxiety about the state of the world and who will lead the U.S.

If Clinton wins, guess who is to blame?

If their highest priority was defeating Hillary Clinton, then Republicans should never have voted for Trump in the primaries, perhaps the one person...

Trump’s ‘Lock her up’ talk crosses the line

Promising to jail your opponent if you win is an affront to elementary democratic decency and a breach of the boundaries of American political...