Conn College professor was addressing reality

Regarding, “Conn College professor responds to reaction to Facebook post” (April 15). Do not college professors have the right to a...

Defense of Finizio was a snow job

What a joke: ¨The city always comes first ... the job of running the government in different situations will always come before the...

Is Hillary Clinton really the best Democrats can offer?

Her resume of accomplishments would test the greatest writers of fiction. Is this the best that the Democrat Party has to offer? (Hillary Clinton)


Cops, courts, prosecutors align to promote secrecy

The police can now withhold anything beyond the name, address, date, time and charges.

The drone wars, strikes against morality

Some degree of collateral human damage should be considered the rule, not the exception.

Obama's Nixon doctrine: the anointing of Iran

The only problem with Obama’s version of the Nixon doctrine is that Iran today is not the Westernized, secular, pro-American regional power it...