Will support leaders who support New London's Chief Ackley

This letter is in response to David Collins’ column, “

McNally ducks Montville debate, doesn't deserve support

It’s a red flag for me when somebody who wants to hold an elected office in his own town refuses to debate the other candidate. Tom McNally...

She and her kin will be voting for Catala in New London

I am very happy to see that Jason Catala is running for the New London Board of Education. Jason Catala has 10 years of school board experience.


Nation of psychos may need militias

It may be time to create an auxiliary of hundreds of thousands of civilian volunteers trained in firearms use and safety.

Striving to control Pakistani nuclear arms

Curbing the danger of a nuclear Pakistan will be no easy matter.

Obama's Syria policy wiser than Putin's

Obama’s continued reluctance to act for action’s sake is prudent — and presidential.