Mayor Finizio comes lately to New London's Ft. Trumbull development effort

I was not living here at the time of the Eminent Domain decision, but since then I have heard varying takes on the case. Susette Kelo's house was not...

Progressive not thrilled with Democratic field of one -- Hillary Clinton

We’re now starting to learn who will be running for President in 2016. Republicans have an extraordinary number of people with wildly...

Don't play politics with workplace pay

Equal pay is not a political issue. Whether one group of employees is paid equal to another group of employees is an individual issue. The position I...


Queen Hillary travels by van, eats fastfood, but still political royalty

She doesn’t just get media coverage; she gets meta-coverage. The staging is so obvious that actual events disappear. The story is their...

Clinton has many blanks to fill in

Hillary Clinton promises to be a champion for the middle class, but what will she champion?

Leveling women's pay by reinventing workplace

There are huge economic and social cost from women’s thwarted ambitions.