Engage NL community, don't arm to fight it

I am white; I live and work in NL. Police Chief Peter Reichard’s request for funds to purchase riot gear illustrates an unfounded lack of faith in...

Violent acts followed the dangerous rhetoric

he mayor of New York City sells his police department down the river. Al Sharpton organizes a peace rally where the participants chant, “kill the...

Nothing happy about Jordan sneaker sales

What is wrong with this picture?\nMichael Jordan makes sneakers that very few can really afford but they are cults to kids so parents and guardians...


Welcoming the greatest gift for all those who would believe

Choose this Christmas to believe in the greatest gift of all.

Special treatment can harm women's careers

Giving too many maternal benefits to women can harm their career prospects and ability to lead.

Avoiding confrontation a U.S.-China priority

Both U.S. and China appear to recognize that avoiding open conflict is a mutual self-interest.