Creative present tense use is nothing new

In the letter, “Save English...

Trump spins plates, Democrats no help

President Donald Trump reminds me of Mr. Platter. You remember him? He spaced vertical rods on a long table each with a spinning plate on top,...

Trump misses boat on cause of manufacturing job losses

President Trump contends our manufacturing jobs have been and continue to be lost from bad trade deals and unfair competition from foreign...


What Is President Trump most afraid of?

Trump doesn't seem to fear failure − after all, he's filed for bankruptcy four times − so much as he fears not being seen as successful.

Time for Connecticut Republicans to step up, stop whining and start dealing

Republicans now have the numbers to influence the state budget, but so far their only game plan is attacking Gov. Malloy's budget proposal.

Trump's ‘fine-tuned machine’ headed for crash

The president’s response has been to rant on Twitter and hold that campaign-style rally Saturday in Florida — all of which may boost...