Her higher power brought this healing practitioner home to Mystic

“It's almost like you've heard a bell ring or have been “contacted” and all of a sudden your whole being gets in sync with something. It's like jumping out of an airplane and now, there's another whole world that you're a part of. This is the divine," the Rev. Colleen Clabby explains.

Girls On The Run grow in strength, friendship and self-awareness

As the time for the session wound down, there was still one runner with two laps remaining. At first, she was joined by one friend... Then the entire group, unprompted, rose to its feet and ran next to the remaining team member, cheering, supporting until they all finished together.

Unique gardening book is a call to 'hope and glory'

"I want people to take responsibility for developing their own insights," O'Beirne explains. "I want them to be very aware of their environment, to know what moss feels like, to know that some leaves feel like velvet and some are sticky, to see drops of dew that sparkle."


Catching up on a few happy items

A look at our web page and what's inside the October/November issue


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