Andrea Grader brings fresh perspective to family business

Longtime clients of Grader Jewelers have noticed a new smile behind the polished rows of glass cases, rings, and gleaming gemstones. At 22, Andrea Grader is the third generation of her family to proudly take her place in this line of work.

Winter Caplanson captures the big picture on local, sustainable living

The skeins of this photographer's many related endeavors weave beautifully around a commitment to locally grown food, natural products and creative living.

Serve Here CT targets twin evils - unemployment and high student debt

Last fall, in collaboration with Child and Family’s executive director Tom Gullotta, local philanthropist Alva Greenberg launched Serve Here CT, a program that matches qualified applicants between the ages of 18 and 29 with jobs at area nonprofit organizations, schools and municipalities.


I Remember: Dance coach's example still inspires

I had the good fortune of meeting Amy Jones, or “AJ,” in the seventh grade. I didn’t yet know the specifics of all that she would teach me in the years I knew her ... I didn’t yet know that she’d lead our team to back-to-back All-Star Dance Worlds championship titles. I didn’t yet know the abundance of life...

Josi Davis improvised her way to a life in music

While music has always been her passion, it hasn't always been her profession. There have been times – School of Hard Knocks times, she calls them – when Davis made her living working in far less glam fields.

Salt marshes buffer storms, filter pollution and cradle life

As hostile as civilization has been to salt marshes, humanity has no stronger ally. This can be heaven on earth. In summer, it hosts a vivid fiesta of motion and color.


Catching up on a few happy items

A look at our web page and what's inside the October/November issue


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