H.S. football / Thanksgiving Day preview capsules

Following is a capsule look at four high school football games to be played on Thanksgiving Day.

Scientists discover pre-cancer mutation in blood

Many older people silently harbor a blood “pre-cancer” — a gene mutation acquired during their lifetime that could start them on the path to leukemia, lymphoma or other blood disease, scientists have discovered. It opens a new frontier on early detection and possibly someday preventing these cancers, which become more common with age.\n

Spy balloons give police new view of Jerusalem

Israeli police are watching from above in their attempts to keep control in Jerusalem in the face of the city’s worst wave of violence in nearly a decade.\n

Autumn in Spain

A couple take a walk on an autumn day in Ciudadela Park in Pamplona, Spain, Wednesday.

Newspaper objects to state's order to not publish story

A Connecticut newspaper is challenging a state judge’s order that prevents it from publishing a story about a child custody case, calling it a violation of freedom of the press guaranteed by the First Amendment.\n

Thanksgiving brings soppy weather, travel problems

The first major winter storm of the season brought mostly sleet and rain to the region on Wednesday, leading to scattered reports of problems on state roadways during the busiest travel holiday of the year.


End gay blood ban

The time is coming to end needless discrimination concerning the donation of blood.

We gather together

Thanksgiving is here again.

Lessons learned from Ferguson tragedy

The nation cannot risk more Fergusons.

A time to give thanks for all our blessings

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful.

Problem known, solutions more elusive

Study confirms what many suspected, many families in Connecticut are struggling to survive financially.

Not bothering to vote on Election Day is downright unpatriotic

Every election year I always ask myself the same question, “Why in the land of the free and home of the brave is election turn out always so pathetically low?”

East Lyme rec complex raises serious concerns

Development in East Lyme has boomed in recent years. More development is pending and I question whether my town has considered the consequences; remember the Boardwalk fiasco?

Recent Thomas column failed the test of logic

Cal Thomas cites William Chrystal citing Alexander Hamilton on the perils of “immigration” at the founding of the nation, “Immigration order would weaken nation,” (Nov. 19). In fact, Hamilton’s concern was not about immigration per se; (he was a native of the West Indies, and therefore himself, a naturalized citizen).\n

Proposed water line is far too expensive

Brian Lynch, WPCA Finance Administrator and Tim May Chairman of the WPCA are pushing for a 7 million dollar water line from Route 32 up Route 163 to the High School. They are trying to sell the project on the premise that it will open up the door for more commercial development.

The Opportunity to Speak About Service

I am extremely concerned how the decision will be handled regarding Veterans Day in our Guilford Public Schools in the upcoming 2015 calendar. After reading the Nov. 13 article ["Vets Day Issue Delays School Calendar"], I am saddened to hear that our...


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