Faith, recovery and sharing a way of life for Norwich man

Faith, recovery and sharing a way of life for Norwich man

Fifty-two year old Frank Novajovsky heads up the local chapter of Reformers Unanimous, a faith-based recovery program at the Stedfast Baptist Church in Groton. This year, he also has been involved in a community effort to help those addicted to opioids, attending vigils and offering help and prayer.


Trump executive order first strike at ending at 'Obamacare'

In an opening salvo against "Obamacare," President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday night that appears aimed squarely at undoing the health care law's unpopular requirement that individuals carry insurance or face fines.

Man arrested in NYC theft of gold flakes worth $1.6 million

A fugitive wanted for the brazen theft of an 86-pound bucket of gold flakes worth nearly $1.6 million off an armored truck in midtown Manhattan has been arrested in Ecuador, police said Friday.

Town leaders: Greenwich official accused of sex assault should resign

Town leaders in Greenwich are calling for the resignation of a local official charged with groping a woman.

Immigration bill could thwart Providence mayor's 'sanctuary' pledge

A bill introduced in the Rhode Island General Assembly could thwart Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza's pledge to protect city residents who are in the country illegally from being turned over to federal immigration agents for minor violations.

Saturday's Schedule

Saturday's local sports schedule


Trump's populist vision lacking in clarity

The new president's populist, isolationist, and infrastructure building plans don't connect with the Republican Party on whose ticket he ran.

Trump completes shocking rise to presidency

Trump’s simply stated promise to “Make America great again” captured a core and enthusiastic constituency that provided the foundation for his victory.

Cheering circus' demise

Trump no protector of our Constitution

Trump's civil rights denied by Rep. Lewis

Obama led the nation with grace and integrity

His high approval ratings suggestion that many Americans wish that President Obama was staying in the White House.

Don't pull plug on school project prematurely

Moving the proposal along to a citywide vote would invite a broad debate on the merits, instead of having four people make the decision to block the plan.


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