Book tip: "Tower of Dawn"

Tower of Dawn

Sarah J. Maas

If you like reading fantasy, the “Throne of Glass” series by Sarah J. Maas is a must-read. Like Harry Potter, book one starts out a bit simple, but the series matures as it goes on — so stick with it! It’s definitely worth it. The most recent release, “Tower of Dawn,” is book six of seven. Originally meant to be a novella, this 600-page entry looks at an entirely different part of the world than the first five. It follows a character bound to a wheelchair who is tasked with finding a great army to help his allies save the world from destruction. This series has everything: princes, princesses, assassin kings, magic, fae warriors, court politics, witches, wyverns, an ancient evil … and a huge amount of content. As previously mentioned, the series will be seven books long, but that doesn’t include the handful of prequel novellas available. It’s a series you can get lost in.



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