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How many glasses of "whiskey" did the actors drink in Flock Theater's "Long Day's Journey Into Night"? How many reeds does a Coast Guard Band saxophonist go through each year? The arts/features staff has compiled fun facts from the local arts and entertainment world for your reading enjoyment.

25 shots of "whiskey" are consumed onstage during a Flock Theatre performance of "Long Day's Journey Into Night" (not including drinks mentioned offstage). The "whiskey" is actually iced tea. 

How much a songwriter can expect to receive from Spotify for each song individually streamed: between $0.004 and $0.0084 (depending on contract factors).

At Goodspeed, it takes an average of 40 hours to build a single wig, and the theater uses about 25 pounds of hair pins per season.

The Lyman Allyn Art Museum's collection includes six Salvador Dali works, three Pable Picasso pieces, four Andy Warhol prints — and one Falcon Sarcophagus.

The Beatles' 'Yesterday and Today' infamous 'butcher cover.'
A copy of The Beatles' "butcher cover" of "Yesterday and Today," sold for $500 at Mystic Disc.

Cost for production rights for "Sister Act" for Groton Regional Theatre last year: $3,529.16. Cost for rights to any Shakespeare play: Free.

Number of hot dogs sold at Mohegan Sun Arena in 2017: 36,622.

A Coast Guard Band clarinet player might go through about 20 reeds a year, and a sax player, 40 to 60 reeds.

Most expensive album ever sold at Mystic Disc: a copy of the Beatles' "butcher cover" of "Yesterday and Today," for $500. The most expensive album on site now: a "swirl label" edition of Pink Floyd's "Saucerful of Secrets," for $75.

Most expensive item now at the Book Barn in Niantic is a bound copy of "Report of the Case of Edward Prigg Against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and published that year. It's $650.

If all of Flock Theatre's stagings of "Macbeth" were performed end-to-end, it would last 10 days straight.

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