Sonia Bettercourt, Guitarras do Atlantico bring Fado music to La Grua

Sonia Bettencourt (Filipe N. Marques Photography)
Sonia Bettencourt (Filipe N. Marques Photography)

You know how people who believe in reincarnation — and who claim to remember their past lives — are always shaking their heads ruefully, complaining about centuries of misery? "In Biblical times, I was stoned to death." "In the 13th century, I died of a horrible plague." "In the 1660s, I was accused of being a witch and — yep, you guessed it! — I was stoned to death again!"

Not me. Oh, I believe in reincarnation, but I've always been a king or a renowned philosopher or the guy who taught Achimedes how to add and subtract. One time, I was the mayor of Cale, one of the first port cities in what is now Portugal — and I had a nightclub there which is where the musical style called "Fado" was invented.

Fabulous stuff: Imagine a beautifully spectral and gently rhythmic fusion of ancestral North African, Roma and Moorish roots. Fortunately, though it's not as well known as it should be, Fado is still around today. In fact, Sonnia Bettencourt and the Guitarras do Atlantico are profound interpreters of Fado and will bring the music Saturday to the La Grua Center in Stonington. This should be a stunning, indelible and evocative presentation.

Sonia Bettencourt and Guitarras do Atlantico, 5 p.m. Saturday, La Grua Center, 32 Water St., Stonington; $15, under 18 admitted free; (860) 535-2300.


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