CDs tip: "Equalizer 2" and "Breath" soundtracks, Harry Gregson-Williams

CDs tip

Equalizer 2 and Breath soundtracks

Harry Gregson-Williams

Ours is a topsy-turvy world — or should that be "turvy-topsy"? In any event, after seeing Denzel Washington in his latest thriller, "Equalizer 2," I was completely enchanted by Harry Gregson-Williams' mournful but lovely score. Exploring some of his other film work, I found and fell in love with the music he wrote for an Australian film called "Breath." Not sure the movie's been released in the States yet, but I MUST see it simply because the soundtrack is so breathtakingly sad and beautiful. It's the first time I can remember seeking out a movie simply because I heard the soundtrack first. Cool.





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