Maine band Rustic Overtones hits the Knick Saturday

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In the dozen-plus years I've worked closely with Pete Huoppi, The Day's multimedia director, we've spent countless hours driving to assignments in cars, working on protracted projects, vacationing together with our wives, sitting in bars or restaurants, recording podcasts — and invariably the topic of conversation turns to music.

Me: "I don't thing I could ever name just one favorite band."

Huoppi: "I can. Rustic Overtones."

Me: "I saw Genesis, Crowded House, Jethro Tull, Tears for Fears, Pat Metheny, Paul McCartney, the Stones, King Crimson, Squeeze, Nektar, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Gentle Giant, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Wishbone Ash, Captain Beyond, Yes, and on and on ... it's incredible the acts I've seen."

Huoppi: "Not familiar with 'em. I've seen Rustic Overtones, though. One-hundred and eleven times."

Me: "I wish I'd seen Hendrix."

Huoppi: "I'll bet Hendrix wishes he'd seen Rustic Overtones."

Me: "What are you doing on the evening of Sept. 16?"

Huoppi: "Going to see Rustic Overtones! Can you believe they're at the Knickerbocker Music Center?! This is the greatest day in the history of Westerly!"

So there you have it: Go forth and attend the Rustic Overtones show and see this Portland, Maine, band whose pan-stylistic goulash of rock, pop, funk and jazz is as melodically addictive as it is dancefloor-happy. The tall guy at the front of the stage with wonder in his eyes? That'll be Huoppi.

Rustic Overtones, 8:30 p.m. Saturday, The Knick, 35 Railroad Ave., Westerly; $15; (401) 315-5070. 


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