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Book tip: "Me" by Elton John

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Book tip

"Me" by Elton John

While the ab-fab movie “Rocketman” took a life-as-fantasia approach to Elton John, his memoir provides more-detailed, down-to-earth — but no less enjoyable — recollections. In “Me,” Elton makes for a thoroughly entertaining guide through his years, providing richly remembered tales and hilariously self-deprecating humor. He’s honest about his faults, particularly his legendary outbursts and his long-running drug abuse (reading about his prodigious cocaine intake, you’ll be amazed he survived it all). He doesn’t stint on his tough childhood years, as the son of two unhappy, prone-to-anger parents. His adult years are fascinating, too, from his magical teaming with lyricist Bernie Taupin, which led to Elton's meteoric rise; to his friendships with other legends, like John Lennon; to his eventual falling in love and having his own family. Credit must be shared by writer and music critic Alexis Petridis, who collaborated on “Me” with Elton. This is one endlessly interesting and compulsively readable tome.


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