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Supertramp's Roger Hodgson brings 'Breakfast in America' anniversary tour to Foxwoods

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You know how, for years, people thought John Lennon and Paul McCartney actually wrote all those tunes together? The "by Lennon/McCartney" songwriting credits? And did it actually take a little magic out of it when we learned that, for the most part, they composed separately?


On a smaller scale — because pretty much anything in rock is "smaller" than the Beatles — I went for a long time believing Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies co-wrote all those fantastic Supertramp songs. And if you're one of those casual radio fans who think they had two hits with "Bloody Well Right" and "The Logical Song," boy, are you missing out.

Supertramp had incredible albums such as "Even in the Quietest Moments," "Breakfast in America," "Crime of the Century" and "Crisis? What Crisis?" And so many amazing songs including: "Fool's Overture," "School," "Sister Moonshine," "Dreamer," "Give a Little Bit," "Goodbye Stranger," "Take the Long Way Home," "Child of Vision," "Rudy"...

It turns out that Hodgson and Davies pretty much only collaborated on "School." Everything else was separately crafted. For me, most of the best Supertramp tunes are Hodgson's, and his high, keening voice is the most distinctive. And this is not to take anything away from the clearly gifted Davies.

But I'm really happy that Hodgson, who left Supertramp in 1983, is bringing his excellent solo band to the Fox Theater at Foxwoods on his "40th Anniversary Tour of Breakfast in America." Expect "Breakfast" essentials but a broad cross section of Hodgson's career.

Roger Hodgson's "40th Anniversary of Breakfast in America Tour," 8 p.m. Friday, Fox Theater, Foxwoods; $45-$65; 1-800-200-2882.


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