Acidhenge headline triple bill Friday at 33 Golden Street

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Reason tells us that, at some point, the riffs can't get any faster, the howls any more hell-torched, the volume any brain-shreddingly louder, or the logos any more inscrutable in their Scandinavian rune-ness.

"Give it up, boys," The Devil sighs. "Metal is done."

No so fast, O Great Horned One.

No one said anything about this to Witch Meadow, Acidhenge or Moon Ripper. In fact, the guys in Moon Ripper were literally ON the lunar surface when The Devil's edict came down, clawhammers and crow bars in their clawed hands, feverishly tearing Neil Armstrong's foot prints asunder like a fluffy stuffed bunny being chomped by wild hounds.

Hey, Satan can be wrong, too.

Long live these gifted musical metallurgists who continue to stomp the rock 'n' roll stage. See a fine triple bill Friday at 33 Golden Street in New London. Acidhenge headlines with Witch Meadow in support and, yes, freshly back from space, Moon Ripper will also play.

Acidhenge, 10 p.m. Friday, 33 Golden Street, 33 Golden St., New London; $5; (860) 443-1143.


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