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Cheap Trick returns to the stage Saturday at Foxwoods

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There are many questions that will be answered when Cheap Trick takes the stage Saturday in the newly rechristened Premiere Theater at Foxwoods. Let's have a multiple-choice quiz! And, yes, live music is back!

1. What was the Premiere Theater called before it was the Premiere Theater?

A. The Fillmore East

B. The Grand Theater

C. The Cotton Bowl

2. The last really good Cheap Trick album was:

A. "In Color"

B. "To Pimp a Butterfly"

C. "In Another World" (It was released just six weeks ago! It's very good! The Tricksters NEVER suck!)

3. Bassist Tom Petersson and vocalist Robin Zander ...

A. ... are more handsome at 71 and 68, respectively, than when they played Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs on "Miami Vice"

B. ... still wish they'd thought of a stage name like Bun E. Carlos

C. ... wish guitarist Rick Nielsen would change his signature headgear to a Red Sox cap

Correct answers: 1) — B; 2) — C; 3. — C

Cheap Trick, 8 p.m. Saturday, Premiere Theater, Foxwoods; $25;


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