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Spook-metallers hit Mohegan Sun Thursday

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I've been waiting and hoping — oh, gosh, for decades now — that someone would write a song that contains the lyric "The snakes come pouring out of your heart," and that the name of the song would be "The Spell of Mathematics."

I couldn't do it myself because I'm no good at math and I'm not comfortable around snakes, particularly the pit viper family.

Fortunately, the superb and enduring band The Deftones produced precisely the song I was looking for on their very good 2020 album "Ohms." Not surprising, really. The 'tones, formed in Sacramento in 1988, play a brand of what I like to call "spook metal" — a magical, shouldn't-work-but-it-does blend of haunted house atmospherics with brutal riffs and dark energy. Their music is always interesting and usually pretty distinctive in a genre where that's rarely the case.

Will they play "The Spell of Mathematics" tonight when they headline tonight in the Mohegan Sun Arena with Gojira and VOWWS in support? Probably not. But go anyway.

The Deftones, 7 tonight, Mohegan Sun Arena; $29.50-$99.50;


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