Lipbone arrives

Lipbone Redding performs Saturday in New London.
Lipbone Redding performs Saturday in New London.

Lipbone Redding has been through the spin cycles of free jazz, angst-rock, Memphis soul and various Dr. John and Tom Waits-isms. The simmered essence of these influences and experiences makes for a thunderously great listening experience.

Not to mention what the New Yorker can do with his voice. He is marvelously gifted and expressive, but a lot of the instruments you think you're hearing - on his latest CD, "Party on the Fire Escape," for example - are actually him singing.

With his band, the Lipbone Orchestra, Redding lands at the Oasis Pub in New London Saturday. It's a particularly cool date because they're the ideal act to share a bill with our own woefully underrated Roadside Attractions. Vocalist Miss Daphne Glover's e'er-thirsty quest for stylistic expression, along with her spectacular range and emotion, would be welcome anywhere people have ears.


Lipbone Redding with
the Roadside Attractions,
10 p.m. Sat., Oasis Pub, 16 Bank St., New London; $5; 447-3929,


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