Roadside Attractions play Happy Hour

If you haven't noticed, the Roadside Attractions have became a New London musical force. Behind the pale-angel voice of Daphne Glover and a coalescing musical identity, the Attractions take their place atop the area's sonic heap.Along with Glover, who also plays guitar and banjo, the band is comprised of virtuosic Craig Edwards (guitar, fiddle, voice), Matt Gouette (drums) and Jason Banta (bass, voice). What's great is, as with acts like the Paul Brockett Roadshow Band, RU are bridging the divide between the city's indie rock neighborhood and the strengthening roots-country scene. Accordingly, it's high time the Roadside Attractions headlined their inaugural Blue Collar Happy Hour this Friday at the Bank Street Café. Perhaps Friday's show will include original material from a rumored upcoming EP. - Rick KosterThe Roadside Attractions, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Fri., Bank Street Café, 637 Bank St., New London; free; 444-1444.


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