Chapter 15: E-mail

"so my rents told me y yr grounded. y, wump? y didn't u tell me? i thot we were friends? =(:-<) e."

"i COULDN'T tell u. u probably wdn't even have believed me. w."

"how cn i believe ANY thing u tell me from now on? u LIED 2 me. e."

"i didn't LIE 2 u, really. i jst didn't tell u. w."

"not tellin' someone somethin when yr sposed 2 tell him = lying. & yr sposed 2 tell yr bst friend if u got a grrlfriend. but u didn't, & THAT's lying. the priest @ my church sez it's lying by omission. p.s. yr banned from the clubhouse. e."

"she's NOT my girlfriend! w."

"well, what is she then? if u don't mind me askin. e."

"she's jst a friend, ok? w."

"if she's jst a friend, y'd u lie about her? is it cuz u love her? e. =(:-?)"

"NO! i don't love her. all right? & i'm SORRY, ok? what do u want me 2 say? i didn't tell u about her cuz i didn't think you'd understand. w."

"whaddaya mean, i wouldn't understand? e."

"u no, y i might want 2 be friends w a girl. w."

"grrls! i told u u shd stay away from grrls. & i tried 2 warn u about THAT grrl. i told u she'd get u in trouble. if yr still friends w me, y do u need 2 be her friend? e."

"maybe cuz she needs one. w."

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