Chapter 23: E-Mail

"so i heard u were downtown on a d8 w yr grrlfriend. =(;-)) e."

"u oughta know. u were there 2. w."

"what's that sposed 2 mean? e."

"u know what it means. u were SPYING on us the whole time. w."

"gimme a break! i've got better things 2 do. i heard it from THE RAT. e."

"so u hang out w the rat now, do u? is it true his mother still dresses him every morning? (sound of audience LOL) w."

"hey, it's better than hangin w some stupid grrl. 4 sure. BTW, what r u & yr grrlfriend up 2? e."

"MYOB, dirtbrain. w."

"make me, tr8or. e."

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