New London CD released

With its working-class roots and memories of scuzzy Bank Street bars, New London has always liked its rock 'n' roll played fast and loud.

But the newest release in the "Towers of New London" series, dubbed for reasons passing understanding, "Powers of New London," shows off the increasingly diverse sounds coming out of the Whaling City.

Sure, the usual suspects such as Fatal Film, Suicide Dolls and Brava Spectre are here with their welcome, teeth-shattering sonic blasts.

But where Powers really shines is in its quieter moments, like Roadside Attractions' folksy simpatico "You Ain't Gonna" and Matt Gouette's sublime "Summers Without Mars."

New London's singer-songwriters and Americana scene are also well represented here with the Hoolios' "He Walks In Vain" and The Original Sinners' hometown anthem "Wailing City Girl."

And don't miss Brad Bensko's excellent '60s-style pop "Why Do You Do That," perhaps the best track on the 27-band set.

"Powers" will be sold for $10 at the Hygienic Rock Fix. After this weekend, it will be available at Mystic Disc and the Dutch Tavern.



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