Gratitude, lots of pride on display at Montville

Montville High School Class of 2010 President Adam Haumer hoists class adviser Victoria Garza-Clifford and gives her a bear hug after accepting his diploma Thursday during commencement exercises.
Montville High School Class of 2010 President Adam Haumer hoists class adviser Victoria Garza-Clifford and gives her a bear hug after accepting his diploma Thursday during commencement exercises.

Montville - Puffy clouds filled the sky and puffed-out chests of proud supporters parents, relatives and friends of 224 graduates filled the bleachers Thursday at Montville High School during the school's 47th commencement exercises.

Class President Adam Haumer opened the speeches with a show of gratitude and a declaration as to the purpose of the event. He thanked the teachers, coaches, advisers, the school board and the keynote speaker.

"But tonight isn't about them," he said. "Tonight is about us."

He continued on, urging the graduates, which included 17 adult-education students, to go into the world unafraid to take risks and chances.

"Don't be content with or complacent about the way things are," he said. "Don't ever be personally satisfied with second-best. Take every opportunity that presents itself to further yourself and become a better person."

Jing Fan, the valedictorian, reminded the class about the changes both they and the world in which they live have gone through in their lifetimes.

"Even though we have lived fewer than 20 years, we have experienced a great deal, from small things like the renovation of the school to larger issues like the effects of global warming and renewable energy. And all those in-betweens, like iTouch, iPad and yes (school Principal Thomas J.) Mr. Amanti, the increasingly pervasive cell phone technology."

Rebecca Ingoglia implored the Class of 2010 to follow their passion.

"Do what you love. Concentrate on doing the thing you do best. That is where you will have the greatest impact," she said. "Our class has made a difference in the school and in the town. We followed our passion. Our impact is evident."

Thursday's keynote speaker was school board Chairman Dr. David C. Rowley, a 1985 Montville High School graduate and a professor of pharmacy at the University of Rhode Island.

He reached back to his own high school days, when he was a member of the wrestling team.

"It was the final tournament of my senior year," he said. "I was about to go out onto the mat to face my opponent and I remember the coach's eyes locked on mine. He said, 'Leave no regrets.' Those words had a heavy meaning to me. I knew I had to rise to the challenge."

Rowley said he came to understand that the words applied to life as strongly as they applied to that wrestling match.

"You have been given a great foundation," he concluded. "But people don't live in foundations. They build houses on them. So you have a lot of work to do. And if you don't make mistakes, then you're not trying hard enough."


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