Good Things Are Happening

I recently attended the graduation ceremonies of East Haven High School. I went there in the role of proud husband as my wife Jacqueline, an English teacher at the school, was the main speaker-and her speech did make me proud.

But I left the event extremely impressed by the school community as a whole. The student speakers-Class President Gianlucca De La Rosa, salutatorian Zachariah Johnson, and valedictorian Albert DeCaprio-were poised, articulate, insightful, and witty. The musical performances by singers Kat Collings and Mary McCurley were exhilarating. The East Haven High School Band played beautifully as always. And the graduating class was at once exuberant and respectful of the significance of the ceremony.

In addition to being a celebration of achievement, a high school graduation gives the local community a glimpse into the life of the school. It was evident from this year's ceremony that good things are happening at East Haven High School. I congratulate the school's teachers and administrators, the families of the students, and, most of all, the students themselves.

Michael A. Albis
East Haven

Michael A. Albis is East Haven's judge of probate and the Democratic candidate for the combined East Haven/North Haven Probate District.


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