Fresh fab to go at Best of Everything Country Gourmet

If you’re a staunch, self-reliant cook, you probably don’t tend to shop for ready-made dinners. But here’s the thing: good cooks know good food, and good cooks deserve nights off. So I suggest you devoted cooks (and eaters) out there take that night off sooner rather than later and make dinner with the many meal items available at Best of Everything Country Gourmet in Niantic.

The Pasta Vita fans out there will be familiar with the Best of Everything model: chef opens storefront at which chef and co. sell freshly made meals, side dishes, breads, soups, sauces, hors d’oeuvres, etc., to the harried masses who don’t have time to prep a full-on meal but do like to eat and serve them. Specials abound, and one day’s freezer case might not be identical to the next day’s. It’s advisable to shop earlier in the day if you hope to nab a hot item.

Devoted cook or the complete opposite, it’s a very safe bet that food lovers will find something at Best of Everything Gourmet that they’ll be pleased to serve to dinner guests. Read my review of several meal items at B of E (includes spectacular meatballs and a fabulous take on mashed potatoes) in tomorrow's edition of Night & Day.

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