It's time to Occupy Fenway Park!

Being a blue-collar mutt, I’m simpatico with the protesters at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan.

I give two paws up to Occupy Wall Street folks and those who have brought the movement to 70-plus locations across the nation in recent weeks.

If you’re wondering, Occupy Wall is a movement against corporate greed, economic inequality and the corrupting influence of big business on democracy. (

Basically, the rub is that the small percentage of the population that makes up the haves have it all, and the rest of us got nothin.’

But dare I say there is a more pressing issue before us as a nation, as a Red Sox Nation, that is?

The team’s collapse in September was historic, even by historically dismal Red Sox standards. The team went from first place with a big-wild card lead at the beginning of the month to sitting home playing video games while division foes Yankees and Tampa Bay went to the post-season.

Oh, wait, the players already were playing video games.

In the locker room.

During games.

While they drank beer and ate fried chicken.

This was a problem.

The multi-millionaire players, particularly pitchers Beckett (you know you’re a redneck if….), Lackey (living up to his name) and Lester (still milking the cancer triumph, I guess), decided they didn’t care enough about the team or the fans to make an effort.

It’s all right here  in this great article from the other day:

Here’s an excerpt: “Commitment lacking: By all accounts, the 2011 Sox perished from a rash of relatively small indignities. For every player committed to the team’s conditioning program, there was a slacker. For every Sox regular who rose early on the road to take optional batting practice, there were others who never bothered. For every player who dedicated himself to the quest for a championship, there were too many distracted by petty personal issues.”

If that doesn’t make you want to give up on pro sports I don’t know what will.

But wait, we don’t have to give up or put up with it. Instead we can take a cue from Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Fenway Park next!!!

Let’s do it. Let’s converge on Yawkey Way and make a stink.

Open the concession stands. We’ll buy hot dogs and maybe even beer and fried chicken, and we’ll take over the place until the players and the management get the message: “You guys stink. You don’t deserve us. Clean up your act.”

Francona and General Manager Theo Epstein are gone.
Who cares; we don’t need them, we need SuperNanny ( because clearly we are dealing with spoiled brats.

I say go to Fenway with your sleeping bags, tents and manifestos and occupy the place until the team shapes up!

See you there!


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