Pero proposes greater role for New London transportation committee

New London — City Councilor Rob Pero, the Republican candidate for mayor, plans to give more responsibilities to the city’s Transportation Committee, if he is elected.

The mayor’s position will assume many duties currently being held by the city manager, including the legal traffic authority, he said in a statement released to The Day.

Pero initiated forming of the Transportation Committee 12 years ago to address concerns about excessive speeding in neighborhoods.

The committee needs to address education, engineering, and enforcement, he said, adding that the committee will be expected to make recommendations on transportation issues and meet with community groups. The committee also will oversee the main state intersections in the city, and make recommendations.

Pero said the committee would be required to meet twice a month and its first priority would be to meet with downtown organizations to map out a strategy to possibly increase the parking time limits in certain areas. The process would have a six-month review period, which would encompass public comment. He said he would have a new policy in place by the seventh month of his term to address parking limits in the downtown.



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