The Weird Beards turn it out at Bank Street Cafe

The Weird Beards in action
The Weird Beards in action

It pleases me to state that the Weird Beards may currently be the local band creating the most electricity and grassroots following.

Which is interesting because, aesthetically and musically, I don't like the Weird Beards.

What I do like about them, though, is their energy and collective enthusiasm in concert - as with Saturday's date in New London's Bank Street Café. A WB show is as much about performance art as a band playing songs and creating a mass-hysteria party vibe.

They DO play songs, of course - including crowd faves such as "Robots" and "Lobster Boy" - but the primitive shrieks and anarchic folk/free jazz would never work if it all wasn't being delivered by the band's glazed-but-manic shaman, Brian Skidmore.

In short, in the sort of ukulele-spirit of the Butthole Surfers, who championed the idea of Abrasive Music For The Fun Of It, a WB show is always great entertainment.


The Weird Beards, 9 p.m. Saturday, Bank Street Café, 639 Bank St., New London; $5; (860) 444-1444.


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