Sign Me Up for a Straitjacket

Despite what I had previously thought, my days of running outside aren’t completely over in spite of the 4:40 p.m. sunset.

I managed to slip out during the late afternoon hours for a 2.5-mile jog during the week and a late morning three-mile run on Saturday morning and of course, I have not joined any gym yet and continue to procrastinate with that. I am really trying to extend running outdoors for as long as I possibly can because I truly despise running on a treadmill!

The monotony of looking at the same thing throughout your workout, the possibility of being stuck running next to someone who wears too much perfume/has bad breath/tries to talk to you while you’re huffing and puffing—it’s all not something I look forward to.

But this week my workouts—no matter where they occur—will take on a whole new meaning and purpose as I’ve officially joined the insane asylum and signed on—with 11 other friends—for the 2012 New England Ragnar Relay. A friend, who will be turning 40 in February, suggested it to see how many people would be interested and after 10 friends quickly signed up for the challenge,

I knew I couldn’t be left out and tried to put the idea of being awake for 24 hours straight and running several multi-mile legs in this relay aside and tried to think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience as my friend reminded me it would be.

I firmly believe this will help motivate me to continue to run hard over the winter and by May, I hope to be able to easily run five miles with hills incorporated, like the training regimen suggests.

Since making this decision several days ago, I’ve gone back and forth between sheer fear and utter excitement at the thought of being a part of something like this and know, like many of you who have participated in this in the past, I will come out of this experience happy I did it and most importantly, more fit!

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