How about “All My Children: The Movie”?

Being the cynic I am, I suspected that Prospect Park's desire to turn "All My Children" and "One Life to Life" into Internet soaps would never come to fruition.

I loved the idea that these two long-running dramas would survive ABC's decision to cancel them. But if producing those shows proved too expensive for ABC, how could a start-up company afford to do it?

And, even if PP did swing it somehow, would the dramas just be a depressing shadow of their former selves?

PP's announcement earlier this week that it was dropping its plans for "AMC" and "OLTL" was depressing on a whole lot of levels. One of the most notable: the two soaps rejiggered their network-TV finales so they could include cliffhangers to keep folks interested in what would happen next when the dramas made their way to the Internet. So, now, fans are left hanging. Who did JR shoot? Will Erica win Jack back? (Well, okay, you know she'd win him back, but how she'd do it would be the fun part.)

So here's my proposal: Do "All My Children: The Movie" and "One Life to Life: The Movie."

Studios have long pilfered TV series for the big screen. We've had major-motion-picture versions of "Sex and the City" and "Star Trek" and "Mission: Impossible" and "The Brady Bunch" and "The Flintstones" and "Bewitched" and on and on.

Why not the soaps? They could be financially feasible on a film-sized budget (even a small film budget). They have a built-in, supportive audience base that would buy theater tickets and then DVDs.

And imagine what these writers and actors could do if given movie-schedule time (say, a few months for filming) as opposed to the punishing daytime TV schedule of one show a day, pretty much every weekday, all year long.

What's your reaction to the latest news on "AMC" and "OLTL"? What's your ideal vision for their future?

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