Love, actually

Well, Christmas was Sunday, which means that Valentine's Day merchandise hit the shelves two weeks ago.
Valentine's Day gets a lot of well-deserved grief for being a contrived, consumer-driven holiday. But let's face it, in this economy, our local businesses need all the contrived, consumer-driven holidays they can get. Hopefully anyone who still has disposable income - that rarest of birds - will be getting out there and buying something, anything, that signifies their love for their boo as well as their love for the bricks-and-mortar stores in their communities. Flowers, a book, a boat, a car detail, an insurance policy. A cookie. A pen. As long as it's local, we are not picky, and hopefully your boo won't be either.
And while love is on your mind and in the air, Grace is looking for a few longtime married couples to profile for our February issue. We were inspired by a recent submission to our "Life Stories" series, which contains a moving scene between the writer and his wife after a serious illness. If you know a couple with an interesting story or outlook, get in touch, via email ( or by phone: (860)701-4375.

Mea Culpa: Grace regrets the typographical error which made it into our December profile story on Mystic Seaport's volunteer coordinator Rhoda Hopkins Root, and which portrays her as being far more intimidating than she is in real life. The online version has been corrected, but the print edition quotes Root as saying that she left the sport of fox hunting because she had "broken every one I could," when it should read "every bone I could." Root is many, many things, but she is not in the habit of breaking people. So we apologize, and we thank her for being so gracious throughout the interview process.

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