Happy Trails

So far, this January has been close to a dream come true weather-wise. I don’t think many can argue that 60 degrees in early January is wonderful and I spent that sunny, warm Saturday taking my workout to a different level. Happy to say I haven’t set foot on my treadmill in over a month (thanks to 50-degree days that just beg for me to run outside!), I agreed to take a trail run in Guilford with a friend that warm day. We ran three miles on a leaf-covered trail that was littered with rocks and roots sticking up and all I could think about was tripping and falling or spraining my ankle (which were all very real possibilities!) I stared at the ground for the entire run—trying to avoid getting hurt—that took us deep into the woods, up and down hills, and even over a couple of babbling brooks. I sweat more than I may have ever sweat (especially in early January) and the arches of my feet were sore the next day, something I don’t think I’ve ever experienced, but once we finished the three miles and got back to the car, we high-fived each other for finishing an amazing run. I’m truly surprised at how much I’m enjoying running—even my family, all of which gifted me with either running gear, clothes, or soundRunner gift cards, are surprised at my love of hitting the pavement. But I can say with confidence that this trail run was by far my most enjoyable run since starting this crazy journey last April. As long as Mother Nature cooperates, I plan on taking to the trails every weekend or so, especially if I want to up my times and start preparing for the Ragnar Relay in May.

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