A New Venture?

So, after enduring the stomach bug and taking almost two weeks off from running, I jumped back into it last week and couldn't believe how tough a time I had. I'd taken some time off before and although this was the longest break I've taken, I always seemed to just jump right back in without much issue. Running three miles last week for the first time was a challenge and with my running partner over the weekend, I tackled a 2.5-mile run along the Madison shoreline (my favorite route by far so far in my training!). We had planned to run further but I was feeling a bit under the weather over the weekend–this is what stress and going to bed too late apparently do to me–and my cold made no mistake of letting me know who was boss that day. After finishing up those 2.5 miles, I felt like I had run five!

This week I took further advantage of the warm, springlike weather and ventured out for a three-and-a-quarter-mile run in the morning and certainly felt better, but still not 100 percent myself. Remind me to NEVER take off this much time again, stomach bug or not!

A friend asked if I'd be interested in running the Fairfield half marathon in June. The idea of running 13 miles sounds incredibly boring to me, but I feel like I'm in a rut in my training since I don't particularly have anything to train for at the moment (sure, I plan on running the Branford Road Race in June and various other races, but I don't feel I need to necessarily train for these.) The training calls for five days a week of running and cross-training and honestly, I'd do it if I weren't so worried about how I will fit this almost-daily training in with the always-busy spring sports schedule that's coming up. I have some thinking/considering to do in the coming weeks!

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