Christian writer responds that critic got it wrong

I write regarding the letter of Feb. 25, "Seeking surrender is not loving action," which referenced my letter of Feb. 20, "Love the atheist not her decision," concerning Jessica Ahlquist becoming an atheist after praying to God that her mother would live. When Jessica's mother died, she became an atheist, which my Feb. 20 letter characterized as "a common tragedy." The Feb. 25 letter, from an atheist, wrote of my comments, "he spits on her" and contended I was "hating" atheists.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I have heated discussions with friends from different political perspectives but never did feel I was being spat on or hated. From the point of the sincere Christian, the highest good he can wish for any other person is eternity in a place of indescribable peace, happiness and joy. It is sad that this came across as an insult. Any atheist is welcome into our home, as any friend would be, to discuss our differing viewpoints. In any sharp disagreement I would not feel demeaned, spat upon or hated but simply that we had different belief systems. Any atheist would be received with love and parted from with love and be invited back.

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