Where was thanks for Dittman's service?

I was pleased to attend the retirement celebration for my long-time friend and dedicated New London police officer, Capt. William Dittman.

It was a wonderful affair, which many persons attended.

The speeches were both light hearted and serious as they reflected a career that started out as a patrol officer and rose to the rank of captain.

Capt. Dittman was respected by the public and his peers because he respected them. He respected his superior officers. I am sure not always agreeing with them, but always respecting their position and rank.

Capt. Dittman's mission was for the safety and well being of the citizen's of New London.

How disappointing it was that there was no representation from the mayor's office or from the City Council. It was nice, however, that Rep. Ernest Hewett presented Capt. Dittman with a proclamation from the Connecticut legislature.

I am a life-long resident of the city of New London and am aware of the political unrest within the city. But come on, not a simple thank you after 35 years of service?

Capt. Dittman, enjoy your retirement and let me express my appreciation for your serving New London for 35 years.

Dennis W. Piscitello

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