Praise and outrage for the Top 10 Cheap Beers list

It seems any time you make a top 10 list there's going to be accolades from people who were happy to see their personal favorite on the list. There will also be, however, people who felt snubbed when they didn't see their pick.

My Top 10 Cheap Beers list was no exception.

"Bohemian beer!!!!! Can't believe you mentioned it," one newsroom colleague emailed me after reading the post. "A favorite during my UConn daze..."

But I certainly heard from some who couldn't believe their favorite cheap beers didn't get a mention.

"I am amazed that you didn't list Rolling Rock," Mark Edward Weaver wrote through Facebook. "It's my favorite post Eastern Connecticut Symphony concert slammin' beer."

John Tangney wrote: "I am a fan of Miller High Life. How can you omit the champagne of beers?"

My brother sent me an email: "Red Dog is like 100 times better than most of that list."

Chuck Ruffin and Dennis Stephens suggested Maximus Super and Carling's Black Label, respectively.

Then, a Facebook commenter who goes by the name Minibike King questioned whether our number two pick, Schlitz, was even a cheap beer anymore. "The Schlitz you see today in bottles and cans around our area is no longer cheap swill," he wrote. "Two twelve packs of cans at Waterford Wine & Spirits will set you back about $28.00. That's right, a case of Schlitz is almost thirty bucks."

I'll have to take your word on that Minibike. But I have to say I've seen tall cans of Schlitz priced for $2 at the bar.

Keep your comments coming and suggest any future topics you want to see discussed in this blog.

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