Did Burger King really have to change their fries?

It seems in recent years it’s become popular for fast food or take out places to constantly advertise their “new and improved” menu options: “We use sea salt now!” “Try our new fries,” “The new McCafe,” “Bla bla bla.”

Some of these places go so far that they basically imply they used to be bad, but now they’re good and you should come on in. I’m thinking specifically of the “Domino’s Pizza Turnaround.”

At the beginning of one web commercial, the president of Domino’s says “There comes a time when you know you gotta make a change.” After Domino’s explains how much they changed their pizza and how good it is now, a chef is seen on camera at the end of the commercial saying “Now we’ve got great food, we’ve earned the swagger.” He turns to a chef next to him, “Right? We’re going to do an end zone dance on this one.”

My friend Forrest and I were talking after seeing one of these commercials and he was like “Dom’s got better? I thought they already were good.” Point Taken.

The worst is when a chain changes up something you already liked to begin with. This happened to my wife with Burger King’s “new fries.”

My wife doesn’t like anything that has too much potato in it. So she’s not a fan of thick cut fries or steak fries. For her, Burger King had the perfect fries—shoestring and nice and crispy. Then Burger King came out with this new thick-cut, Wendy’s style fry. My wife was devastated. I thought she’d never touch a French fry again.

But she’s resourceful. After some consideration, she said that when she goes to Burger King in the future, she’ll just order onion rings.


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