No Dippers??

A Philly cheese steak at Kamp Dog
A Philly cheese steak at Kamp Dog

I have a weakness and it’s bizarre combinations of fattening foods, dipped in batter and dunked in a deep fryer.

I used watch episode after episode of that Man v. Food show and my wife would be totally grossed out. I would be transfixed. I once heard that they dip Mars bars in batter and deep fry them in England. If I ever go there, that will likely be the first thing I do. I have also had deep fried Oreos and I highly recommend it.

Recently, I had been fascinated by something called Dippers at Kamp Dog in New London. I heard online that it was sausage, bacon and ham battered, deep fried and served with maple syrup.

I went in there recently eager to try the Dippers. Unfortunately, the woman behind the counter told me they stopped making them. Apparently, they’re quite difficult and time-consuming to prepare. I guess it wasn’t worth it for the number of people who were buying them.

But here’s the good news. She said they’ve had a lot of people coming in looking for the Dippers, so it’s conceivable they could bring them back.

And as for me, I can’t complain too much. On this particular day, I had a Philly steak and cheese sandwich. It was a delicious (and heaping) combination of steak, cheese, peppers and onions (see above photo). Plus, my doctor will be happy to hear I didn’t get a chance to try deep fried bacon, sausage and ham.

Dippers or no Dippers, Kamp Dog is a great place. They specialize in tasty, stick to ribs classics. I also like the atmosphere. It’s a low key environment and the clientele is very eclectic; kind of makes me feel like I’m hanging out with the cast from the “Wild Wild Life” music video by the Talking Heads.

So I recommend Kamp Dog for anybody in the area whose looking for a quick lunch and isn’t on a diet.


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