Police to Step Up Enforcement of ATV Laws

Due to the increasing numbers of complaints of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and other motorized vehicles illegally operating on town owned property, the Branford Police Department announce an enforcement initiative aimed at reducing the illegal use.

Branford Town Ordinance Section 190-11 (8), concerning Parks, Open Space and Land Trust properties states: “Motorized vehicles, including but not limited to minibikes, snowmobiles and motorcycles, and unauthorized motor vehicles are prohibited”.

Connecticut General Statute Sec. 14-387 (5) requires that no person shall operate a snowmobiles or ATV on any land without the written permission of the owner.

Officers will be deployed in town owned Parks, Open Space and Land Trust properties stopping those vehicles in violation.

Offenders age sixteen (16) and older will be subject to state fines of $117.00 as well as having their motor vehicle towed. Those offenders under the age of sixteen (16) may be referred to the Juvenile Court system for prosecution and have their vehicles towed as well.


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